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What we're drinking

What we're drinking

11 April 2016

So this week Holly and I have found ourselves getting a little bit excited about “Orange Wines”. They’ve been a bit of a challenge for us to get our hands on but we’ve found a good little variety and we’ll be putting a couple of them on the list for you to try.
I know what you’re thinking...What in the world are Orange wines? Since when did wine come in anything other than white, red or rose?
Well, I’ll be honest with you, orange wines are essentially white wines, but because they’ve been aged on the skins, seeds and the stems of the grape in a similar way to red wine they begin to take on that tannic character, deeper flavour and intense orange-amber colour. A lot of the time the wines are aged in open air so it’s given the chance to oxidise slightly and they’re often left unfiltered and cloudy.

So what do you pair them with?
Well a glass to begin with our house charcuterie perhaps, or maybe at the end of the meal with cheese if you fancy stepping outside the port-filled box. And they’ll be popping up on our wine pairings from time to time as well.


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