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The Mussel Man

The Mussel Man

02 June 2017

Gary Rawle spent 25 years farming mussels in Cornish estuaries but as the water quality began to decrease he decided to take a big gamble and set up an off-shore farm in Austell Bay.

All the local fisher-men thought he was completely barking mad! The site has a large exposed area and gets battered by monstrous waves. Despite the huge storms, Austell Bay has the cleanest water in the country; perfect for plump, creamy mussels.

We're delighted to have them on our menu.

These mussels are grown off-shore on suspended lines which are then anchored to the seabed. The mussel larvae attach themselves naturally to these lines and will suspend there until fully grown for about 24 months.

Being rope grown they are constantly suspended in water and never have contact with the sea bed, so they don’t pick up sand or grit and the shells are clean from barnacles and dark in colour.

The mussels aren't exposed out of water at low tides, so they have a much thinner shell and a much larger meat content, as they are constantly feeding.


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